Futurism. Innovation. Sustainability. Globality. Education.

Earth of Billions is a platform for raising awareness, education and capacity building.

The global demand for sustainable approaches and more holistic systematic thinking is becoming more and more indispensable. If we desire to overcome issues such as climate change, inequality, unjustness, lack of resources and infrastructure for all … education and use of exponential technologies are of significant essence!

Earth of Billions promotes extending the global access and reach to smart, sustainable and digital technologies and impact innovations as enablers for a more equal global societies of future … for future belongs to those who prepare for it already today!

What’s on the menu?

We help organizations across the private, public, and academic sectors to create the grounds for change that matters.

Speaker and Stage Packages

Get inspired by a talk on various topics tailored to your need!


keep your organization updated and in the forefront of trends of technology, social behaviour paradigm shift and life philosophy!

– Innovation

Catalyze your organization’s innovation development processes, build internal and external capacity for innovativeness and creativity on a strategic level.

– Sustainability

Develop sustainability strategy for your organization or advance your sustainability strategy to next level with our help!

– Education and capacity building

Receive help with educational workshops, development programs, Inspiration Talks and much more from our team and enhance knowledge and build capacity within your organization!